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8-Lane PCI Express Gen 3/4 to SMA Breakout Board


This module can be used for the following applications:

 - PCI Express Loopback Test - PHY or Serial Transceivers used as PHY can be tested for functionality and performance
- Serial Transceiver Expansion - Serial Transceivers used as PCIe PHY can be used for other serial interfaces through SMA cables
- Board-To-Board communication via Serial Transceivers connected to the SMA connectors
- Inter-system connection using SMA cables and PCIe
- Connecting FPGA carrier boards with FMC port(s) to PCs'/servers' PCIE connector  for adding PCIe function to systems (using HTG-FMC-SMA-LVDS module and SMA cables)


x8 PCI Express Gen 3/4
Super clock generating 100MHz, 250MHz and other related frequencies (on board Jitter Attenuator and Crystal)
x2  Clock Outputs (SMA)
x2 Clock inputs (SMA and onboard oscillator)
Breakout SMA Connectors for Tx and Rx lanes (femal)
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Ordering information:

Part Number: HTG-X8-PCIE-EP-SMA-F
$795        [Buy Online]


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