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10G/40G Ethernet / PCI Express Reference Design


HTG-K816: Xilinx Kintex UltraScale™ Half Size PCI Express Development Platform
Datacenter Customizable Platform

Base board + X2QSFP+ Daughter card

Populated with Xilinx Kintex UltraScale™  040 or 060 FPGA , the HTG-K816 network card provides access to eight  lanes of PCI Express Gen 3 ( 8 x 8Gbps),  two independent banks of DDR4 (72-bit) memory components (5GB), and front panel Z-Ray interface for hosting high-speed mezzanine cards.  The Z-RAY port is  populated with up to 16 GTH (16x16.3G) serial transceivers along with power (12V/5A, 3.3V/16A, & VCCIO/1A), differential clocks, and control signals (single-ended and I2C I/Os).  The Z-Ray interface allows quick customization of the platform to host different communication and processing ports for different applications. HiTech Global offers Z-RAY mezzanine modules with Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC),  QSFP+, SFP+, FireFly , CXP, etc. HiTech Global also offers design services for any custom Z-RAY module requiring access to the GTH serial transceivers of the onboard Kintex UltraScale FPGA.

The HTG-K816 is also available for high volume production.

Base Board

Hybrid Memory Cube

Back Side




X1 FireFly

Extensible FPGA Framework Reference Design

The Extensible FPGA Framework (EFW) empowers FPGA developers with a verified set of productivity solutions, including module targeted physical interface components, device drivers and APIs for the HTG-K816 platform. Frameworks save months of development and debug time by enabling developers to skip the tedious and time consuming phase of IP core integration, interface verification and firmware development. More info

Extensible FPGA Framework (EFW) with a verified set of productivity solutions [ More info]

Framework Bundled Content Framework Type Required ZRAY Module
  Base 1G 10G 40G  
Linux Device Drivers and APIs (Source) -
x4/x8 PCIe Gen3 PCIe hard IP based PCIe application interface and arbiter (Verilog) -
AXI4-Lite Master and Arbiter with 32-bit control plane for registers accesses (Verilog) -
32-bit AXI4-Lite Slave for integrating user blocks (Verilog)  -
Micron Embedded Flash controller for in-system field upgrades (FuP) (Netlist) -
I2C Controllers (Netlist) -
Targeted DDR4 controllers with AXI4 wrapper (Verilog) -
128-Bit 8-Channel PCIe RapidDMA with x4 Gen3 PCIe Endpoint (Netlist)     -
256-Bit 8-Channel PCIe RapidDMA with x8 Gen3 PCIe Endpoint (Netlist)       -
GiG EMAC with 1000Base-X Interface (Netlist)   ZR-X3SFP+
Low and Ultra-Low Latency 10G Ethernet, 32-bit data path (Netlist) Latency optimized for financial market applications       ZR-X3SFP+
40G Ethernet, 128-bitdata path (Netlist) Area optimized for low resource utilization       ZR-X2QSFP+
Price $3,995 contact us contact us contact us  

Supported FPGAs in A1156 package:

  Device Name  KU040  KU060 
  Effective LEs (K)  509 696
Logic Resources  Logic Cells (K) 424 580
 CLB Flip-Flops   484,800   663,360 
CLB LUTs  242,400 331,680
Maximum Distributed RAM (Kb)  7,050 9,180
Memory Resources  Block RAM/FIFO w/ECC 600 1,080
 Block RAM/FIFO (18Kb each)   1,200  2,160 
Total Block RAM (Mb)  21.1 38
Clock Resources  CMT (1 MMCM, 2 PLLs) 10 12
 I/O DLL   40   48 
I/O Resources  Maximum Single-Ended HP I/Os  416 416
Maximum Differential HP I/O Pairs 192 240
 Maximum Single-Ended HR I/Os   104  104 
Maximum Differential HR I/O Pairs  48 48
 Integrated IP   DSP Slices  1,920 2,760
System Monitor  1 1
PCIe® Gen1/2/3  3 3
Interlaken  0 0
100G Ethernet  0 0
16.3Gb/s Transceivers (GTH)  20 28


x1 Xilinx Kintex UltraScale040 or 060 FPGA
x8 PCI Express Gen 3 end-point
x10 DDR4 memory components (72-bit) - 5GB
x1 Z-RAY port providing access to up to 16 GTH serial transceivers, control pins, and power for hosting mezzanine cards (x3 SFP+, x2QSFP+, x1 CXP, x1 12-port FireFly, or HMC)
        - 060 model : 16 GTH transceivers
        - 040 model : 12 GTH transceivers
        - 035 model : 8 GTH transceivers
x2 Samtec QSE/QTH connectors each with 16 LVDS signals for board-to-board connections (cable connect or stackable)
x1 Samtec QTH connector with four GTH serial transceivers (only with the 060 model)
BPI Flash Memory component for configuration
JTAG port for configuration and debugging
x1 USB/UART port
1PPS GPS Synchronization (Schmitt-Trigger, Comparator, ADC)
IP protection circuit
6.6" x 2.5"
Supports both PCI Express and Standalone operations
   - 12V/6A Power adapter for standalone operation
Ordering information:

Part Numbers:

HTG-KUS-PCIE-HH-060-2 (base board populated with -2 FPGA speed grade- please see the accessories section for the mating daughter cards)
[Buy Online]

* Available with half or full-height brackets

Kit Content:

-HTG-K816 platform
-User manual, schematic in pdf, PCI Express and DDR4 memory reference designs

Accessories (Z-RAY Modules)

x12 Tx/Rx FireFly Module
Part Number: HTG-ZR-FF [Buy Online]

3-port SFP+  Module
Part Number: HTG-ZR-X3SFP+ [Buy Online]

2-port QSFP+ Module
Part Number: HTG-ZR-X2QSFP+
[Buy Online]
CXP (12x10G) Module
Part Number:
HTG-ZR-CXP [Buy Online]