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Powered by the largest Xilinx Virtex-5 TXT FPGA device, this is an ideal platform for high-performance and high density networking designs.

44 RocketIO GTX serial transceivers  have been used to provide access to 8 lanes of end-point PCI Express (Gen 1/Gen2), 4 SFP+ (10Gbps) ports, and 20 data-rate-adjustable RocketIO GTX ports through two high speed Samtec connectors (accessible either by cable or add-on modules).

Reference clocks of the data-rate-adjustable RocketIO GTX Ports (available on two high-speed connectors) can be controlled by series of frequency synthesizer ICs, oscillators, and DIP switches (HTG Super Clock). This provides data throughputs ranging from 622 mbps to 6.5 Gbps supporting variety of different serial interface standards and protocols.

Wide high-speed memory interfaces in form of 3 x36bit QDRII SRAM interfaces and 2 x64bit RLDRAMII interfaces provide an ideal memory solution for most common networking applications.

The power distribution is made either through PCI Express mother board "or" a 12V ATX power supply. This provides flexible and reliable power distribution for any FPGA gate and resource utilization (especially when all RocketIO GTX ports are used in a design). 

A PCI Express Jitter Attenuator IC provides low jitter PCIe clock interface. The circuit can be bypassed by two on-board jumpers



Xilinx Virtex-5 XC5VTX240T-2FFG1759C FPGA
Four SFP+ interface (using 16 RocketIO GTX transceivers and 4 Broadcom EDC devices)
    - Supports both 10Gbps and 1Gbps modes
X8 PCI Express Gen 2 (5Gbps/lane)
Twenty Configurable GTX Serial Transceivers (available through two high-speed Samtec connectors)
Three x36 Cypress QDR II (CY7C1515JV18)
Four x36 Micron RLDRAM II (MT49H16M36HT-25)
Mictor Connector for debugging
Two Xilinx Platform XL Flash (128mb each) devices
One Xilinx XC2C256 CPLD  
One DB9 (RS232) port
User LEDs & Push Buttons
9.5" x 4.25"
Kit Content:

- CD ROM with User Manual, Schematics (in searchable pdf format) , Software Drivers (eval.), PCI Express Gen 1 CoreGen PIO ,  QDR-II Memory, and ChipScope PRO IBERT reference/test designs (for RocketIO serial transceivers)

PCI Express Driver Source Code (C) - Windows XP or Linux   

- Code base designs ( available at the NetFPGA10G site)

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Part Number: HTG-V5TXT-PCIE
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PCIe Test Module

Part Number: HTG-PCIE-TEST
Price: $695
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HP ProCurve 1m Direct Attach Loopback Cable with 10G SFP+ connection    

Part Number: HP-J9281B   
Price: $195

Part Number:

Supports 9.95 to 10.5 Gb/s bitrates
Maximum link length of 300m on 2000 MHZ-km MMF
Uncooled 850nm VCSEL laser

10GBASE-SR/SW 10G Ethernet
1200-Mx-SN-I 10G Fibre Channel

4-port x16 PCI Express Gen2 PC (with Rack mount 4U Chassis option)

Part Number: HTG-PC-X4X16 
(standard PC chassis)
Part Number: HTG-PC-X4X16-4U 
(Rack mount 4U Chassis 650W)

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