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HTG-9100: Virtex UltraScale™ Multi 100 Gig Optical Networking Development Platform

Powered by Xilinx Virtex UltraScale 095,  125, or 190, the HTG-9100 development platform is ideal for high-end optical networking applications requiring multiple 100Gig ports and large DDR4 memory resources. Flexible architecture of the board allows easy and quick expansion through its FMC+ (Vita57.4) port with 24 GTH (16G) serial transceivers and 80 LVDS I/Os. HiTech Global provides wide range of  FMC modules for interfaces such as Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC), gearbox CFP4/QSFP28, CXP,  16-bit AD/DA , SMP, and more. HTG-9100 is the 3rd generation of HiTech Global's 100Gig platforms and built with the leading edge engineering and manufacturing technologies.

The HTG-9100 is supported by one Samtec FireFly Micro Flyover System with 12 Receive and Transmit serial ports. This  inside-the-box interconnect system gives designers a choice of using either micro footprint high performance active optical engines or low-cost copper interconnects. This allows the designer to upgrade from electrical to optical FireFly using the same connector system.

The ECUE Ribbon Coax Cable Features

- Performance up to 28 Gbps (the HTG-9100 matches the GTH data rates)
- A large variety of end two connector termination options
- 50Ω 38AWG micro ribbon coax cable
- Capability to enable test and verification of connectors during manufacturing
- Lower-cost AcceleRate 100Ω 30 AWG twinax ribbon system for improved signal integrity and lower profile

The ECUO Active Optical Cable assembly features

- x12 unidirectional or bidirectional transceiver system
- 14 Gbps or 28 Gbps (in development) channel system
- Proven 850 nm VCSEL array technology
- Available in panel mount or full Tx-to-Rx active optical cable
- Protocol agnostic and support all data center and HPC protocols including Ethernet, InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, PCIe



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PC Connectivity Modules



Xilinx Virtex UltraScale FPGA (VU095, VU125 or VU190)
x4 CFP4 ports (4x100G)
x5 QSFP28 ports (5x100G) - (x4 with the VU095 FPGA)
x1 FMC+ (Vita57.4) with 80 LVDS (160 single-ended) and 24 GTH (16G) serial transceivers
x1 Samtec FireFly port with 12 GTH transceivers (available with the VU190 FPGA)
x4 SMA ports (4x16G)
DDR4 - 2 independent banks with total of 10 (72-bit) memory components (5GB)
QSPI flash for configuration
IP protection circuit
Programmable clocks
Size: 9.25" x 8.1"
PCI Express interface through SMA or FMC and HTG PCIe/SMA breakout module

Kit Content:

-HTG-9100 Platform
-ATX Power Supply

Reference Designs/Demos:
-DDR4 memory controller


-User Manual
-Schematics (in searchable .pdf format)

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