Actel Axcelerator Compact PCI (RT) AX2000 Development Board




This Compact PCI format development board  enables the evaluation of the LEON3-FT processor on the Actel RTAX2000 Field Programmable Gate Array.

The LEON3-FT is an IP core implements a 32 bit Sparc V8 Embedded Processor. The standard implementation is targeted for commercial designs while the Failure Tolerant (FT) version is targeted for use in Space and Defense applications with failure tolerance features including internal upset resistant structures, register parity protections and EDAC for external memories.

This board is targeted to accept either Actel AX2000 (commercial) or Rad-Tolerant RTAX2000 devices. On-board volatile and non-volatile memory, together with serial and Ethernet interfaces makes this board ideal for evaluation of the performance and behavior of both the Hardware and Software for the LEON3. The board is capable of operating either as a stand-alone board, or as a compact PCI plug-in card in either the System slot or Peripheral slots. An adapter is available to allow the installation of the board in a standard PCI slot of a Personal Computer.



- Compact-PCI plug-in form factor
- Socket for AX2000-FG896 or RTAX2000-CGA624 devices (device is not included but can be provided  programmed with LEON 3 or LEOAN 3 FT)
- 8 Mbyte FLASH prom (8M x 8)
- x1 standard SO-DIMM socket for up to 256 Mbyte SDRAM with ECC
- 4 Mbyte Static RAM with ECC (1M x 40)
- 10/100 Mbit Ethernet MAC (LAN91C111)
- 33/66 MHz, 32/64-bit CPCI interface (3V)
- Standard RS-232 UART port for DSU
- 120-pins memory and custom I/O expansion connectors (AMP-177-984-5)
- JTAG and slave-serial FPGA programming capability
- CPCI system controller (clock distribution & PCI arbitration)
- LEON3-FT compatible

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