Xilinx Virtex 6 HXT 40G/100G Development Platform



Powered by Xilinx Virtex-6 HX380T or HX565T FPGA, this Interlaken form factor platform  integrates the most fundamental electrical and optical interfaces for building 40G/100G subsystems for Networking, High-end Broadcasting, and other high-speed/high-performance applications. 

The Interlaken compliant form factor of the platform allows easy and robust interfaces to other 3rd party solutions and systems. With this feature users can also create clusters of processing systems by daisy chaining multiple platforms together. 

The modular design enables flexible hardware expansion for supporting legacy and emerging optical technologies and protocols. HiTech Global offers 10x10G CFP and 12x10G SFP+ extender modules interfacing GTH serial transceivers of the main onboard FPGA. SMA and loopback modules are also available for debugging and verification.

The platform is supported by a reference design demonstrating 40G/100G Ethernet traffic through a CFP optical module. Full feature memory (QDRII and DDRIII) reference designs are also available.


Xilinx Virtex 6 HX380T or HX565T-2FFG1923
x10  Micron MT41J64M16LA-15E (1Gb (64M x 16) each
x4 Cypress CY7C2563KV18 (72-Mbit each)
4 FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card, Vita 57) Connectors
  Connector #1 : 8 GTX serial transceivers, 66 single-ended IOs (33 LVDS), Clocks, JTAG, and PWR.
  Connector #2 : 8 GTX serial transceivers, 66 single-ended IOs (33 LVDS), Clocks, JTAG, and PWR.
  Connector #3 : 8 GTX serial transceivers, Clocks, JTAG, and PWR.
  Connector #4 : 8 GTX serial transceivers, Clocks, JTAG, and PWR.
Samtec QSE Connectors with 8 additional GTX serial transceivers
Interlaken interface for network processing or packet processing
   24 transmit and receive lanes (@11.3 Gbps) with robust CEI electrical performance
   Up to 100G of Interlaken bandwidth
   FCI AirMax Connector for interoperability with existing line cards
Legacy module interfaces including SFP+, XFP and emerging interfaces such as CFP and CXP
USB 2.0 Host and Device / UART
Configuration Flash
Programmable Clock Generators & Synthesizers
Ordering information
Part Numbers:

Main Board:

- HTG-V6HXT-100GIG-380 (populated with HX380T FPGA)
- HTG-V6HXT-100GIG-565 (populated with HX565T FPGA)

Extender Modules:

- HTG-CFP-MDL (x1 CFP extender carrier)
HTG-SFP-PLUS-MDL (x12 SFP+  extender carrier)
HTG-AIRMAX-SMA (x48 SMA module)

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Kit Content:

HTG-V6HXT-100GIG platform
CD ROM with time-limited 100Gig Ethernet demo, User Manual, Schematics (in searchable pdf format) ,  ChipScope PRO IBERT reference/test designs, Xilinx MIG based DDR3 and QDRII memory controllers

Image Gallery

Daisy chained configuration
Creating systems with large FPGA densities through interconnection of the 11.3Gbps serial transceivers

CFP Optical  Module Interface
Providing interface to optical systems through 40G/100G CFP modules

SMA Interface
Providing access to up to 32 GTX transceivers through SMA connectors


FMC Interface
Providing interface to Vita57 compliant FMC modules
GTH  Extender Cards  (10Gig+)

CFP Module with 100GIG interface (with re-timers)
Part Number: HTG-CFP-MDL

12-Port SFP+ Module
(with re-timers)
Part Number:  HTG-SFP-PLUS-MDL

  Airmax to SMA Module with 12 high-speed Tx/Rx ports (48 SMAs)


Loopback Connector
(12 channels)
Part Number:


GTX FMC (Vita57) Modules (6.5Gig)

FMC daughter card with  one QSFP+ and two SFP+ connectors with default clocks for CPRI/OBSAI (other clocks can also be supported)
Part Number:

FMC daughter card with two SFP+ connectors, two 10Gbps physical layer transceivers which provide full PCS, PMA, and XGXS sub-layer functionality

Part Number:

FMC daughter card with two CX4/Infiniband connectors providing access to two 10Gig ports

Part Number:
Price: $595

FMC daughter card with one CX4, two SATA, and two SMA ports

Part Number:
Price: $545

FMC daughter card with x8 PCI Express Root interface

Part Number:
Price: $695

FMC daughter card with 8 SMA ports and pin headers providing access to 33 LVDS/66 Single-ended IOs
Part Number:
Price: $595

FMC daughter card with four SFP/SFP+ and four SATAI/II/III connectors.

Part Number:


FMC daughter card with 32 SMA connectors for 8 serial transceiver ports, two SMA connectors for external clock, and on-board super clocks

Part Number:

16-bit Dual Channel DA/AD Conversion Module
Part Number:  HTG-FMC-AD-DA-MDL

FMC to FMC Cable

Part #: FMC-TO-FMC-9 (9" length)
(5" length)

FPGA Programming Cable (USB)
Part #: HW-USB

100GIG & dual 40GIG Ethernet Reference Design


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