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HTG-600: Xilinx Virtex™ 6 PCI Express Gen 2 / SFP / USB 3.0  Development Board 

Designed for high-performance and high-density applications,  the HTG-600 series are supported by Xilinx Virtex-6 LX550T, LX240T, LX365T, SX475T or SX315T FPGAs.  To expand functional capability and provide more flexibility,  the HTG-600series are designed  for operation in x8/x4/x1 PCI Express Gen 1, Gen 2 or stand alone mode.

The HTG-600 series are supported by wide range of industry standard connectors and interfaces including ; 8-lane PCI Express Gen2,  Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000),  SMA (connected to two Virtex-6 GTX serial transceivers & external clock),  USB 2.0/3.0 Host, USB 2.0/3.0 Device, SFP, DDR3, and Vita-57 FPGA Mezzanine Connectors.

The expansion connectors provide access to up to 448 parallel IOs and 20 serial  GTX  transceivers of the on-board Virtex-6 device. The FMC connector can host off-the-shelf Vita-57 modules as well those developed by HiTech Global. Interfaces such as Single / Dual CX4, Dual / Quad SATA, Quad SFP, Dual / Quad SFP+ (20Gbps/40Gbps), and RJ45 are supported by the HiTech Global FMC modules.

To protect intellectual properties running on the Virtex-6 FPGA, the board is supported by an "IP Protection" chipset.

Supported Virtex-6 devices:

   XC6VLX240T    XC6VLX365T   XC6VLX550T XC6VSX475T  XC6VSX315T  
Slices  37,680    56,880   85,920 74,400  49,200  
Logic Cells  241,152    364,032   549,888 476,160  314,880  
CLB Flip-Flops  301,440    455,040   687,360 595,200  393,600  
Maximum Distributed RAM (Kbits)  3,650    4,130   6,200 7,640  5,090  
Block RAM/FIFO w/ ECC (36Kbits each)  416    416   632 1,064  704  
Total Block RAM (Kbits)  14,976    14,976   22,752 38,304  25,344  
Mixed Mode Clock Managers (MMCM)  12    12   18 18  12  
Maximum Single-Ended I/O  720    720   1200 840  720  
Maximum Differential I/O Pairs  360    360   600 420  360  
DSP48E1 Slices  768    576   864 2,016  1,344  
PCI Express® Interface Blocks  2    2   2 2  2  
10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC Blocks  4    4   4 4  4  
GTX Low-Power Transceivers  24    24   36 36  24  
Commercial  -L1, -1, -2, -3    -L1, -1, -2, -3   -L1, -1, -2 -L1, -1, -2  -L1, -1, -2, -3  
Configuration Memory (Mbits)  70.4    91.6   137.4 149.4  99.6  


Xilinx Virtex 6 LX550T, LX365T, LX240T, SX475T, or SX315T in different speed grades
x8 PCI Express Gen 2 Edge Connector
PCI Express Jitter  Attenuator for cleaning PC clock and generating different PCIe clocks (100MHz, 250MHz, etc.)
DDR3 SO-DIMM (up to 8GB)
One USB 2.0 & 3.0 Host port
One USB 2.0 & 3.0 Device port
Two SFP ports (two SFP+ connectors are available through  HTG-FMC-SFP-PLUS module)
Four SMA connectors for one GTX serial transceiver port (8 additional SMA ports are available through HTG-FMC-8SMA module)
Two SMA connectors for  external differential clock
Two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports with SGMII, RGMII, and GMII support using Marvell 88E111 PHY (4 additional SGMII ports are available through HTG-FMC-RJ45 module)
FMC Vita 57 compliant Connectors with :
   - Connecter #1:
         160 Single Ended IOs (or 80 LVDS), & ten  Data-Rate-Adjustable GTX transceivers with the LX550T, LX365T, LX240T, SX475T, or SX315T models
   - Connecter #2:
         126 Single Ended IOs (or 63 LVDS) with the  LX365T, LX240T,  or SX315T models
         160 Single Ended IOs (or 80 LVDS), & ten Data-Rate-Adjustable GTX transceivers with the LX550 and SX475 models
Auxiliary FMC Super Clock for board-to-board communication
Samtec QSE High-speed connectors with 32 pairs of LVDS IOs
IP Protection Chipset
Power Management Bus for all voltage rails
Size: 9.5" x 4.25"
Support for both PCI Express and stand alone operation modes
Standard ATX and wall power supply connectors

Part Number & Price:

- HTG-V6-PCIE-L240-2 (with XC6VLX240T-2FFG1759 FPGA) - Contact us
- HTG-V6-PCIE-L240-3 (with XC6VLX240T-3FFG1759 FPGA) - Contact us
- HTG-V6-PCIE-L365-2 (with XC6VLX365T-2FFG1759 FPGA) - Contact us
- HTG-V6-PCIE-L365-3 (with XC6VLX365T-3FFG1759 FPGA) - Contact us
- HTG-V6-PCIE-L550-2 (with XC6VLX550T-2FFG1759 FPGA) - Contact us|
- HTG-V6-PCIE-S315-2 (with XC6VSX315T-2FFG1759 FPGA) - Contact us
- HTG-V6-PCIE-S315-3 (with XC6VSX315T-3FFG1759 FPGA) - Contact us
- HTG-V6-PCIE-S475-1 (with XC6VSX475T-1FFG1759 FPGA) - Contact us
- HTG-V6-PCIE-S475-2 (with XC6VSX475T-2FFG1759 FPGA) - Contact us
Kit Content:

- HTG-600 Board
-  User Manual, Schematics (in searchable pdf format) , Software Drivers (eval.), PCI Express Gen 2 back-end (DMA) reference demo, PCI Express Gen 2 CoreGen PIO design , DDR3 controller, and ChipScope PRO IBERT reference/test designs (for GTX serial transceivers)


Accessories (FMC Modules)

x2 SFP/x1 QSFP+
 FMC Module

 More info..

x2 QSFP+ 
FMC Module
More Info..

x2 SFP+ /10G
FMC Module
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x4 SFP+

FMC Module

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x10 SFP+ 

FMC Module

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x8 SMA / x33 LVDS
FMC Module
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x42 RS485/RS422
FMC Module
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x8 PCIE RC  
 FMC Module
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x2 CX4
FMC Module
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x4 16-bit ADC
FMC  Module
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x4 16-bit DAC FMC Module
More info.

x2 16-bit DAC FMC Module
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x4 SATA/ x4 SFP+  (double-size)
FMC Module
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x8 SMA (double-size)
 FMC Module
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4GB Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC)

x2 CXP  (12x10G+)
FMC Module

FMC Module (SGMII)
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Carrier board to daughter card and carrier board
to carrier board FMC cable
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x4 SMA
FMC Module
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Gearbox CFP4
FMC  Module
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10x10G <--> 4x25G Gearbox /Re-Timer QSFP28
FMC Module
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x26  or x16 Mini SMP / x34 LVDS
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