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HTG-ZRF-HH: Xilinx
Zynq® UltraScale+™ RFSoC Half-Size PCI Express Development Board

Populated with one Xilinx ZYNQ  UltraScale+  RFSoC  ZU28DR or ZU48DR, the ZRF-HH provides access to large  FPGA gate densities, x8 PCIE Express (Gen3/4) end point, up to eight ADC/DAC ports (through one expansion port), one expandable I/O port  (x8 GTY and x25 LVDS) and total of 16GB of DDR4 memory for variety of different programmable applications. The ZRF-HH also provides access to one Ethernet, USB 3.0, SATA and Display port.

Eight 12-bit ADC 4.096 GSPS (ZU28DR) or 14-bit ADC 5 GSPS (ZU48DR) and eight 14-bit DAC 6.4 GSPS (ZU28DR) or  10 GSPS (ZU48DR) ports are available on the front panel expansion connector for mixing and matching different combination of ADC/DAC channels. The ADC and DAC ports are configurable through different off-the-shelf or custom-made daughter cards.

The ZRF8-HH  is supported  by 8 GB of 72-bit DDR4 memory for the programmable logic (PL) side and 8 GB for the processor side (PS).

The ZRF8-HH is supported by commercially available Multi-Tile Synchronization (MTS) reference design.

The ZRF8-HH  is supported by series of plug-in daughter cards supporting different mixtures of ADC/DAC and optical ports.

- x4 ADC / x1 QSFP28 (above image)
- x8 ADC  (above image)
- x8 DAC
- x6 ADC / x2 DAC
- x4 ADC/ x4 DAC
- Customized  based on customers' specifications

Supported Devices (red boxes)

Main Features:

►Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC ZU28DR or ZU48DR
ADC/DAC Expansion port with interface to 8 ADC & 8 DAC channels
Support for Multi-Tile Synchronization
I/O Expansion port (upper left) with 8 GTY and 25 LVDS channels  
►x8 PCI Express Gen3 /Gen4
►x1 Gigabit Ethernet port
►Independent 72-bit ECC DDR4 memory for the FPGA (8GB ) and the ARM Processors (8GB)
►Configuration Flash
►x1 MicroSD (Processor side)
►x1 USB/UART (shared with the FPGA and Processor sides)
►x1 USB 3.0
►x1 SATA
►x1 Mini Display Port
►Programmable Clocks
►6.6" x 2.7"
►Supports both PCI Express and Standalone operations
   - 12V/10A Power adapter for standalone operation

Kit Content:

HTG-ZRF-HH Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC platform

Reference Designs/Demos:
- x8 PCI Express controller
- DDR4 Memory Controllers
Sample Petalinux (unsupported)
Sample TI clock configuration files


- User Manual
- Schematics (in searchable .pdf format)
- FPGA pinout file

Ordering & Availability Information

Main Boards:
HTG-ZRF-HH-28 (populated with ZU28DR FPGA )
(populated with ZU28DR Industrial grade FPGA )

(populated with ZU48DR FPGA )
HTG-ZRF-HH-48I (populated with ZU48DR Industrial grade FPGA )

Daughter Cards:
HTG-ZRF-QSFP28-4ADC (provides access to x1 QSFP28 and x4 ADC)
HTG-ZRF-8ADC (provides access to x8 ADC)
HTG-ZRF-8DAC (provides access to x8 DAC)
HTG-ZRF-6ADC-2DAC (provides access to x6 ADC and x2 DAC)
HTG-ZRF-4ADC-4DAC (provides access to  x4ADC and x4 DAC)

12" SSMC To SMA Cable
24" SSMC To SMA Cable

36" SSMC To SMA Cable