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HTG-ZRF8: Xilinx
Zynq® UltraScale+™ RFSoC Development Platform

Populated with one Xilinx ZYNQ  UltraScale+  RFSoC ZU25DR, ZU27DR, or ZU28DR, the HTG-ZRF8 provides access to large  FPGA gate densities, multiple ADC/DAC ports, expandable I/Os ports  and DDR4 memory for variety of different programmable applications.

The HTG-ZRF8  is supported by eight 12-bit ADC (4GSPS) and eight 14-bit DAC (6.4GSPS) ports. The ADC and DAC ports are supported through high-performance front panel  micro Rf connectors.

The HTG-ZRF8  architecture allows easy and versatile functional expansion through one Vita 57.4 compliant High-Pin-Count FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC+)  port. The HTG-ZRF8 can host wide range of Vita57.1 /Vita57.4 compliant daughter cards.

The HTG-ZRF8  is supported by one 72-bit ECC DDR4 SODIMM socket providing access to up to 16 GB of SDRAM memory. The processor’s side is supported by up to 4GB of DDR4 memory (currently shipped with 2GB). The board is also supported by the HiTech Global 4GB Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) FMC+ module for high-performance serial memory.

The HTG-ZRF8 is also supported by Down/Up Converting RF Front End module.

The HTG-ZRF8  can be used in PCI Express and Standalone mode and powered through its 6-pin Molex PCIe connector.


Supported Devices:

Main Features:

Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoc ZU25DR, ZU27DR, or ZU28DR
x8 ADC (12-bit) ports
x8 DAC (14-bit) ports
►x8 PCI Express Gen4
x1 Vita57.4 FPGA Mezzanine Connector (FMC+)  with 68 single-ended I/Os  and 8 GTY (32.75Gbps) Serial Transceivers
Independent DDR4 memory for the FPGA (up to 16GB SODIMM) and the ARM Processors (2GB or 4GB component)
Configuration Flash
►x1 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45) port (Processor)
x1 MicroSD (Processor)
x1 SATA (Processor)
x1 Display Port (Processor)
x1 USB 3.0 port (Processor)
x2 USB/UART (FPGA and Processor)
Programmable Clocks (with default frequencies but programmable through I2C bus)
ARM Debug Header
External Synchronous Clock port
6.6" x 4.25"
Supports both PCI Express and Standalone operations
   - 12V/8A Power adapter for standalone operation

Kit Content:

HTG-ZRF8 Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC platform

Reference Designs/Demos:
- x8 PCI Express Gen4
- DDR4 Memory Controller


- User Manual
- Schematics (in searchable .pdf format)

Ordering & Availability Information

Price: $8,995 (USD)
Lead time: 1-3 weeks

12" SSMC To SMA Cable
24" SSMC To SMA Cable

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