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Product Updates
Product Updates

Single 12-bit ADC (2.7GSPS)/ Dual 16-bit DAC (2.8GSPS) FMC Module (Vita57.1)


This Vita57.1 / JESD204B compliant High Pin Count ( HPC ) FMC module provides a single 12 bit ADC @ 2.7 GSPS and dual 16 bit DAC @ 2.8 GSPS.

The module allows for ADC decimation and DAC interpolation. External trigger input allows to add a time stamps to the sample stream from ADC. CLK-IN can be a Sample clock input up to 4GHz, or reference clock input up to 1GHz. The module provides simultaneous working of ADC and DAC on sample rate of 2.1GSPS, using internal VCXO clock.

The module also provides 4 x high speed transceiver lanes routed from the FPGA carrier card to the bezel. 4 differential low-speed lane and 10 single ended IO are also routed to the Molex connector available at the bezel which can be used for any control or data exchange with the FPGA.

ADC Parameters
  • 12-Bit Resolution, single-Chanel, 2.7-GSPS ADC
  • Noise Floor: 146 dBFS/Hz
  • INL: 2 LSB (Ta = 25)
  • DNL: 0.25 LSB (Ta = 25)
  • Spectral Performance (fIN = 600 MHz at 1 dBFS):
  • SNR: 54.8 dBFS
  • NSD: 146 dBFS/Hz
  • SFDR: 71.6 dBFS
  • ENOB: 8.8 Bits
  • Spectral Performance (fIN = 1500 MHz at 1 dBFS):
  • SNR: 52.5 dBFS
  • SFDR: 65.2 dBFS
  • THD: -68 dBFS
  • Input Full-Scale differential: 0.95 VPP
  • Full power Bandwidth (-3 dB calibration = FG): 3200 MHz
  • Integrated Wideband DDC Block
  • Input type: AC coupled, single ended.
  • Input frequency range: 30 1800 MHz
  • Maximum input voltage 2 Vpp single ended
  • Power Dissipation: 2.21 W  max at 2.7 GSPS
DAC  Parameters
  • Resolution: 16-Bit
  • Maximum Sample Rate: 2.8GSPS
  • Maximum Input Data Rate: 2.12GSPS
  • 8 JESD204B Serial Input Lanes
  • 10.6 Gbps Maximum Bit Rate per Lane
  • Subclass 1 -DAC Synchronization
  • On-Chip Very Low Jitter PLL
  • Selectable 1x 8x Interpolation
  • Sinx/x Correction Filters
  • 3/4-Wire Serial Control Bus (SPI)
  • Outputs: AC coupled, transformer isolated
  • Output voltage range:  2Vpp max
  • Output frequency range: 20 1060 MHz
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Power Dissipation: 1.74W at 1.6GSPS


Clock and trigger in parameters
  • External clock in frequency range, in reference clock mode 10 800MHz
  • External clock in frequency range, in device clock mode 400 4000MHz
  • Input: AC coupled, 50 Ohm, single ended.
  • Input power range: -6 to 6 dBm.
  • Trigger input logic level, ESD protected, LVTTL 3.3V


  • Radar / Sonar
  • Wireless communication transceivers / base stations
  • Defense / Aerospace / Satellite communications
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Direct RF Down Conversion
  • Test and measurement
  • Beamforming / Directional vector
  • Software-defined radio (SDR)


1 x ADC 12 bit @ 2.7 GSPS
2 x DAC 16 bit @ 2.8 GSPS
Trigger Input
External Clock up to 4 GHz
100 MHz onboard VCXO
4 x  high-speed and 4 x low-speed differential lanes
10 x single-ended IOs
Optional dual SATA for direct disk interface
Ordering information

-Part Number: HTG-FMC-12ADC-16DAC
- Price: Please contact us



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