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QSFP28 (100G) Gearbox /Re-timer FMC Module (Vita57.1)
10x10G <--> 4x25G

Vita 57 provides a mechanical standard for I/O mezzanine modules. This standard introduces a methodology that shall allow the front panel IO of IEEE 1101 form factor cards to be configured via mezzanine boards. Vita 57 modules have fixed locations for serial/parallel IOs, clocks, Jtag signals, VCC, and GND. HiTech Global's Vita 57 modules can be plugged into any Vita 57 compliant carrier boards.

The FMC-GB-QSFP28 module is powered by  Broadcom 100Gbps Gearbox PHY (BCM82790)that multiplexes and de-multiplexes four 25 Gbps channels to/from ten 10Gbps channels supporting Ethernet and Optical Transport Networking (OTN). The module supports one full-duplex 100Gbe port and complies with 100GBASE-CR4/SR4/LR4 for QSFP28 line-card applications. 100GbE Ethernet support includes CL91 RS FEC as well as CL92 transmit training, and CL73 auto-negotiation.

Test and debug features included in the Gearbox are PRBS pattern generation and checking, eye monitoring on all data receive interfaces, programmable loopbacks, as well as JTAG. Every port on the chip is equipped with an eye monitor. All features are accessed through an IEEE standard MDIO control interface.

The other Gearbox BCM82790 features include:

Full-duplex, ten lane-to-four lane Gearbox via IEEE 802.3ba Clause 83 PMA
Full-duplex, ten lanes to four lanes Gearbox via ITU OTL4.4
Three-dimensional eye mapper on each high-speed receiver (14 total)
Transmit preemphasis and adaptive receive equalization on all data I/Os
Fully adaptive 25 Gbps receivers with 30 dB EQ
Fully adaptive 10 Gbps receivers with 27 dB EQ
Programmable drivers individually configurable voltage swing and preemphasis
Supports IEEE 802.3bj Clause 91 Forward Error Correction (FEC) and bypassable.
Supports OTU4/OTU2/OTU2e rates
Line-side and system-side loopbacks
Includes 1EEE802.3ap CL73 auto-negotiation
IEEE802.3bj CL92 100G Ethernet (CR4) Tx Training
IEEE802.3bj CL93 100G Ethernet (KR4) Tx Training
For Ethernet: 156.25/161.13/312.50/322.26/625.00/644.50 MHZ reference clocks are supported.
Standard, two-wire serial interface (BSC) support for external modules.
Low-speed module, I/O control signals for CFP2,CFP4,and QSFP28
MDIO interface-compliant to IEEE 802.3ae Clause 45
Advanced diagnostics includes nonintrusive eye mapping and BER with PRBS generators/checkers
MDIO signalling at 1.2V or 3.3V
Interrupt pin with an array of maskable interrupt events
Three-dimensional internal eye mapper on each lineside and system-side receiver
Fixed 16-bit pattern generators and checkers on both line and system sides
I2C master interfaces for QSFP28 control
GPIOs for QSFP28 control pins

10x10GbE to 4x25GbE CAUI Functional Block


40GbE Pass-through

Gearbox Functional Block


x1 QSFP28 (4x25G)
Vita57 FMC (HPC) Connector with 10 serial transceivers
x1 BCM82790 Gearbox PHY (10x10G to 4x25G)
Ordering information

Part Number: HTG-FMC-GB-QSFP28

$1,390   [Buy Online]


                                    QSFP28 Transceiver

(100 m)   [Buy Online]
QSFP28 LR4 (
10 km)   [Buy Online]
(2 km)  [Buy Online]

QSFP28 To QSFP28 AOC [Buy Online]

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