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USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Device IP Core


A USB 3.0 Device IP Core that provides high performance SuperSpeed USB connectivity in a small footprint solution for quick and easy implementation of a USB Device interface.

Simplified Block Diagram

Main Features: 

►USB 3.0 SuperSpeed support, 5Gbit/s
►USB 3.0 PIPE interface support
►Virtex 5/6 GTX transceiver support
►Integrated DMA engine
►Full duplex operation support
►Up to 16 fully configurable endpoints
►Bulk, control, interrupt and isochronous transfers
►Automatic Link Control and Management performed in hardware
►User transparent error recovery and re-transmission of packets
►Automatic Power State transition performed in hardware (all power states are supported)
►Autonomous operation with very little firmware interaction
►System Interface:
    -AHB, AVALON, OCP, OPB, PLB ,WISHBONE, and Customer specified bus interface
► Compact and cost-effective solution for SoC



The USB 3.0 Device IP Core, implements all required functions to transport USB 3.0 traffic. This includes the PHY Layer, which implements support functions required to talk to a USB 3.0 PIPE complaint PHY interface; The Link and Protocol layers that implement the USB 3.0 link management, transaction management and data transfers; and the Transport Layer, which provides and interface to external interfaces.