68000 16/32-bit Microprocessor IP Core

General Description:
D 68000 soft IP core is binary-compatible with the industry standard 68000 32-bit microprocessor. D68000 has a 16-bit data bus and 24-bit ad-dress data bus. It is code compatible with the MC68008 and is upward code compatible with the MC68010 virtual extensions and the MC68020 32-bit implementation of the architecture. D68000 has improved instructions set allows execution of a program with higher performance than standard 68000 core.
D68000 is delivered with fully automated test-bench and complete set of tests allowing easy package validation at each stage of  SoC design flow.

A special testing platform has been built to run D68000 with uCLinux Operating System. For more details please check this link.

CPU Features:

  • Software compatible with industry standard 68000
  • MULS, MULU take 28 clock periods
  • DIVS, DIVU take 28 clock periods
  • Optimized shifts and rotations
  • Idle cycles removed to improve performance
  • Shorter effective address calculation time
  • Bus cycle timings identical to 68000
  • 32 bit data and address registers
  • 14 addressing modes:
    • Direct:
      • Data register direct
      • Address register direct
    • Indirect:
      • Register indirect
      • Postincrement register indirect
      • Predecrement register indirect
      • Register indirect with offset
      • Indexed register indirect with offset
    • PC relative:
      • Relative with offset
      • Relative with index and offset
    • Absolute data:
      • Absolute short
      • Absolute long
    • Immediate data:
      • Immediate
      • Quick immediate
    • Implied
  • 5 data types supported:
    • bits
    • BCD
    • bytes, words and long words
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit includes:
    • 8,16,32-bit arithmetic & logical operations
    • 16x16 bit signed and unsigned multiplication
    • 32/16 bit signed and unsigned division
    • Boolean operations
  • Interrupt controller:
    • 7 priority levels interrupt controller
    • Unlimited number of virtual interrupt sources
    • Vectored and auto-vectored modes
  • Memory interface includes:
    • Up to 4 GB of address space
    • 16-bit data bus
    • Asynchronous bus control
  • M6800 family synchronous interface
    • 3- and 2- wire bus arbitration
    • Supervisor and user modes
  • Fully synthesizable
  • Static synchronous design



Opcode Decoder

Opcode Decoder Performs an instruction opcode decoding and the control functions for all other blocks.

Control Unit

Control Unit Performs the core synchronization and data flow control. This module manages execution of all instructions. Contains SR (status register is consisted of two portions su-pervisor byte and user byte) and its related logic.

Interrupt Controller

Interrupt Controller Interrupt Control module is responsible for the interrupt manage system for the external & internal interrupts and exceptions processing. It manages auto-vectored interrupt cycles, priority resolving and correct vector numbers creation.


ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit performs the arithmetic and logic operations during execution of an instruction. It contains accumulator and related logic such as arithmetic unit, logic unit, multiplier and divider. BCD operation are exe-cuted in this unit and condition code flags (N-negative, Z-zero, C-carry V-overflow) for most instructions.

Data registers

Data registers Contains 32-bit data registers D0 to D7 and related logic to perform byte, word and long data operations.

Memory Interface

Memory Interface Contains memory access related registers It performs the memory addressing instructions code fetching and data transfers. It is responsible for all external bus cycle actions such as: read & write, repeated read & write, halt and resume of bus cycles, bus arbitration provided by 3- and 2- wire system, correct bus and address errors handling, wait states cycle insertion and M6800 synchronous cycle generation.

Address registers

Address registers Contains 32-bit A0 to A6 address registers, two stack pointers USP (user SP) and SSP (Supervisor SP), 32-bit Program counter and related logic to perform word and long address operations. An effective address operation are executed in this unit.


Shifter Performs shifting operations for the appropriate instructions, mainly for rotation, shift and bit operations.

Licensing Options:

Comprehensible and clearly defined licensing methods
without royalty fees make using the IP Core easy and simple..

  • Single Design license allows implementation of IP Core in single FPGA bitstream and/or  ASIC design.

  • Unlimited Designs license, allows implementation of IP Core in unlimited number of FPGA bit-streams and ASIC designs. In all cases number of IP Core instantiations within a design, and number of manufactured chips are unlimited.

  • One Year license for  Encrypted Netlist only

- Single Design license for VHDL, Verilog source code called
HDL Source
- Encrypted, or plain text EDIF called
- Unlimited Designs license for HDL Source or  Netlist

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  • Source code:
       - VHDL Source Code or/and
       - VERILOG Source Code or/and
       - Encrypted, or plain text EDIF

  • VHDL & VERILOG test bench environment:
       - Active-HDL automatic simulation macros
       - ModelSim automatic simulation macros
       - Tests with reference responses

  • Technical documentation:
       - Installation notes
       - HDL core specification
       - Datasheet

  • Synthesis scripts

  • Example application

  • Technical support
       - IP Core implementation support
       - 3 months maintenance (delivery of the IP Core updates, minor and major versions changes, delivery of the documentation updates)
       - Phone & email support

  D68000 implementation results for ALTERA devices. The CPU features and Peripherals have been included.
Implementation Speed Grade Utilized Area [LC] Frequency [MHz]
FPEX20K -1 6332 30
APEX20KE -1 6332 32
APEX20KC -7 6332 37
APEX II -7 6657 40
MERCURY -5 7086 45
STRATIX -5 6862 49
CYCLONE -6 6604 44
D68000 implementation results for XILINX devices. The CPU features and Peripherals have been included.
Implementation Speed Grade Utilized Area [Slices] Frequency [MHz]
VIRTEX-II pro -7 3415 65
VIRTEX -6 3356 32
VIRTEX-E -8 3317 38
VIRTEX-II -5 3366 58
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